Exquisite Hair Portraits by Ohab Tochukwu Bernard Johnbosco

Ohab Tochukwu Bernard Johnbosco, known as TBJ, is a talented Nigerian visual artist and illustrator. He masterfully incorporates intricate lines, patterns, and Ankara fabric-inspired designs in his artwork. TBJ’s creations have graced exhibitions across the USA and various African regions. His unique style mesmerizes viewers, fostering a deeper appreciation for the rich cultural elements present in his art. TBJ’s captivating pieces transform any setting, infusing it with vibrancy and a strong cultural identity. TBJ site’s contemporary Africa as his main source of inspiration and loves creating in the styles of mixed-media realism and  Afro-futurism/symbolism. In as much as he enjoys self expression through visual art, the major driving force for his creativity is the urge to touch and inspire others through his work.


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